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Here are some of the bands that we have found along the way.


The Tea Party

ELEPHANT RIDE Elephant Ride This is a very cool band out of Los Angeles. If I had to describe their music in one word, it would be "intense." I like the the way Rock Love Magazine (Jan. '97) described them, "Elephant Ride may be the most intense band, let alone new band. Singer Andrew Woodworth clearly digs down deep into his diaphragm to coax each powerful note out of his lungs, while his bandmates lay a foundation of melody with a fist-in-your-face power." The album is great listening but this is a "must see live" band! You will never be the same again. To find out more about them and hear sound bytes from their debut album Forget and even some clips from their new demo, check out the official website The Ultimate Elephant Ride!


THE SCREAMIN' CHEETAH WHEELIES out of Tennessee. Listening to either of the Wheelies cd's, SCW or Magnolia , you may think you are listening to a live album without the crowd noise! And listening to singer Mike Farris, but especially watching him in concert, you may think that he is a male reincarnation of Janis herself! If you ever have a chance to see them live, GO....you will not be disappointed!

THE GUFS Five very nice guys from Milwaukee, WI. The Gufs have a fresh, unique sound. We first heard of them when they opened for the Screamin' Cheetah Wheelies at Fletcher's in Baltimore last summer. We were immediate fans! Checkout the gufs cd, or one of their other three cd's, for yourself!!


GOODNESS Oh my goodness, another Seattle band! Yes, but this band deserves some recognition! If you like strong, powerful female vocals, you ought to check them out on their Atlantic Records debut Goodness! We've been told by fans in Seattle that it is amazing to see singer Carrie Akre in action. Her voice carries so much power, but she makes it look as if it is no effort at all! And hey...guitarist Garth Reeves is from DC!!

Why Store
THE WHY STORE Another cool band out of the mid-west - Indianapolis, Indiana. The Why Store cd is great listening all the way through. The assortment of stringed instruments and keys and the raspy vocals of Chris Shaffer make a great combination. We have only had the pleasure to see them once, even though they have toured with two of our favorite local bands, The Badlees and The Clarks!

Cool For AugustCOOL FOR AUGUST Originally from Los Angeles, now they consider Atlanta home. Absolutely cool.....for every month! We first saw CFA when they opened for Chalk FarM. Their sound and stage presence had something more than most generic rock bands. There was an intensity to them and lead singer Gordan Vaughn's voice has a uniqueness to it.....as does his dancing! Their cd, Grand World is well worth a listen. And don't miss the hidden track 10+ minutes after the last listed track!

SUNFUR a local San Francisco band but without a doubt will soon be bursting onto the national scene. We saw this band at the Holiday Show '97 put on by Rock Love Magazine. For the most part Sunfur is a power trio and a vocalist/percussionist. They put on quite an impressive show that is heavy on instrumentals. The band's jams are tight and show no signs of endless wandering. If the reason you go to clubs is to hear good music be sure to catch Sunfur.

Big Mouth - okay, so they are not from the states, but we did see them in DC at the Black Cat! These fun-lovin' Brits have a melodious rock, sometimes pop sound with a nice blend of acoustic and electric guitars. A lot more talent and personality here than some other bands to come out of the UK recently (Oasis), maybe the next British invasion. . .

COWBOY MOUTH Cowboy Mouthfrom New Orleans. I think that Michael Lach from Cake said it best, "On a bad night, they'll tear the roof off. On a good night, they'll save your soul." Their latest CD, Are You With Me? shows that these guys have a lot of talent, but it gives you absolutely no indication of what you will see, hear, feel or experience when you see this band live! The first sign that this show is going to be different is the stage...the drums are set-up front and center. Then you soon realize that you are not there to be a spectator, but rather a participant in a wildly fun, inhibition freeing show!

Chalk FarM
Chalk FarM - this is a Los Angeles band, but they played the east coast so much this past year that they became an honorary DC band! Radio station DC101 fondly considers Chalk FarM to be their house band. We watched this band go from playing a small club with maybe 30 people to selling out the area's large venues! In the process, we made some very good friends. If you haven't heard their debut album notwithstanding yet, give it a listen, it's one of the few albums we've found recently that is listenable to from beginning to end.


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